Message personalization is now an urgent necessity.

Mass, depersonalized and hoarder message distribution channels no longer work the same. We live in a world where the target not only wants to meet their needs; they want to feel identified and special.
Most of the time a positive opinion on social networks towards a product or service may be the turning point where a potential customer decides to buy, think about it as a little push. There is not a better opinion than a friend’s opinion, and this is where the customer's best friend becomes: the influencer.

What is an influencer?
An influencer basically prescribes in social networks, serves as the person who has a significant presence and in which his followers put their total trust, is someone who interacts and convinces.

So, how can I identify the ideal influencer for my brand?
One of the first things you need to bear in mind is that not all popular people on the Internet are influencers and not all fit in your online strategy. It’s extremely necessary to identify those who look more like your brand, know what kind of audience they speak and especially how the audience reacts to the influencer’s word, so we can achieve the desired objectives.

It is important to note that the influencers are not advertising, they’ll not repeat what you want to say, usually they are passionate and attach themselves to the campaigns.

They also won’t try to sell your product or service. An influencer tries to be transparent and friendly. It is also important mentioning why you think he or she is the perfect ambassador for your brand, make them feel special.

An influencer is good for...

  • Launching a new brand: While it is difficult to position a new brand, they go straight to your target market, making a greater efficiency strategy.
  • Launching a new product line: This is thanks to the influence they have on their followers. Most of the times an influencer’s friend doesn’t need to try a product to buy it; they trust his or her opinion.
  • Events: They're perfect for events! Their photos on social networks will convince your audience to be there.

So ... why should I opt for an influencer?

  • They go beyond demographics.
  • Create experiences.
  • They understand the community.
  • Go along your strategy.
  • They are 100% human.
  • Generate great value for your brand.
  • Trendsetters, they are always fashionable.

Now you know why involving influential people is one of the best and most profitable tactics in online marketing. They can assure you a maximum amount of reach in a natural way Do you think an influencer as a good strategy for your brand?

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