Landing pages are web pages with the purpose to turn your online visitors into clients and obtain their contact information. But it’s not so simple.

Every landing page must follow certain guidelines regarding the words, structure, colors and pictures.

In this blog entry, you’ll find tips on what you must do to turn your business into the newest internet sensation.

01. Catchy Headlines
For starters, to gain new clients you must first know who is visiting your webpage. To obtain their information you must convince them to hand it over. For this use short and catchy headlines and place them at the very top of your landing page. The most common types of headlines are the ones that offer some sort of rewards in exchange of their information.  For example: “Obtain a free sample!”

02. Add a picture of your product or service.
Do you believe in love at first sight? We do! To create interest and desire towards your product or service you must first show what it is about. Place a high resolution image of what you’re trying to sell. This will make the lead to fall in love with your brand.

03. Call to Action
This is when things get creative. Through a hyperlink, a button or a picture you can guide your online visitor to the landing page’s form so they can fill it out with their contact information. Every call to action has a phrase that must convince the lead to exchange their info for a discount or free trial. There are no rules on what the call to action must say, just remember to make it catchy and short.  
For example: “Sign up now and receive one month free” “Obtain exclusive benefits by signing up”.

04. Form
Wouldn’t it be great to have multiple ways to reach potential customers? A landing page form is made just for that. These are the most effective tool to collect information about your online visitors. They can also help you in the future to make more personalized advertisements such as mailing lists.

WARNING:  Do not ask a lot of information; otherwise you might scare the lead. We recommend you to ask just for a full name, e-mail address, cellphone number and in very few specialized cases date of birth.


05. List the benefits of your product or service
Why should I buy from you? What makes you different from your competitors? Do I receive any benefits when I use your service or product? These are all the questions you must answer to convince your online visitor to give your brand a try. A short list with no more than 5 benefits will help you generate interest and desire.

06. Testimonies
Nobody likes to be a lab rat. It is very unlikely that anyone would consume a new product without having a reference to their usefulness and / or quality. Testimonials are an excellent tool to convince a lead that they will get their money’s worth.

07. Safety Net
It is vital that your landing page has a safety net placed at the very bottom of it.  It is the last effort to persuade your visitors to give you their information. In it, briefly mention the benefits that they will immediately obtain in exchange for an email, phone number. With a safety net it is more than likely they will change their minds and give you a shot.

It doesn’t matter if you have a restaurant, a guitar shop or an accounting firm; every business needs a landing page if they want to obtain the maximum revenue from their digital marketing expenses.

Hopefully these 7 points will clear some doubts on how to structure your content in your landing page… and remember if you want results, we have the strategy!

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