More than a company, Orangegoal, LCC. is the sum of many talented people with one purpose:
Help your brand become the next internet sensation.
We, as a group of experts offer solutions to satisfy your customer's online needs. Amongst our extensive catalog of digital services, we have Social Network management.

You may ask: "How will social networks help my business?"

Think about this: In the United States, more than 156.6 million people use social networks and 80% of them prefer to connect with brands through Facebook. That’s 125.2 million people your brand can reach with the correct strategy! (Yes we did the math). And those numbers are just for one network. Think of the possibilities if people can find your brand on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Snapchat.

A wise man once said:
“actions speak louder than words”. Do you want to know how can we help your business? Take a look to some of our success stories.


Volkswagen (Car Dealership)
Satisfied Customer Since: April 2015

Volkswagen is one of the top car dealers worldwide. But even though this is a well-known brand, we helped them boost their new & used car sales in Guadalajara, Mexico’s third largest city.

The situation:
When Volkswagen became our client, Orangegoal’s experts found the following problems.

  • Lack of interesting content.
  • Their Facebook Pages were not certified. This generated mistrust amongst their potential clients. In other words, they didn’t know who they were talking to.
  • Their publications didn’t include the car’s specs or price.
  • We could determine that some of the people that followed their Fan Pages were from other countries such as Japan.

What we did:
After identifying the problems, we developed a Digital Marketing Strategy for Social Networks to generate leads and integrate the Fan Page content with the brand’s identity. Also, we focused our efforts to increase the number of likes from potential customers.

The results:
After more than a year of being our customer. These are Volkswagen’s current numbers of likes, engagement and car sales. (As the time this blog entry was written).

  • Their main Fan Page for new cars grew in likes by more than the double! They went from 6,900 to a whopping 12,574 likes. Their used cars page also grew from 25,000 likes to 29,895.
  • With the new branded content Facebook users could identify with ease Volkswagen’s publications.
  • We also helped Volkswagen change their likes on Facebook. As we mentioned before, people from Japan were liking the content. This was reverted with the help of Geomarketing. (To read more on how Geomarketing works read our blog entry about it).
  • Our digital strategies generated desired and interest in Guadalajara’s community. This was reflected in the lead generation; that grew by 60%.

Check it for yourself, here are their Facebook Fan Pages. Pay close attention to the branding of the content; the colors and the pictures.
Volkswagen New Cars
Volkswagen Used Cars




Estación 22 (Restaurant/Sport’s Bar)
Satisfied Customer Since: December 2015

When Estación 22 approached us, they were looking to announce their restaurant and sport’s bar amongst Guadalajara’s citizens. After analyzing their online presence this is how we helped them become one of the most popular Fan Pages in the whole city.

The results:
Estación 22 is one of a kind restaurant. They called themselves a gourmet food court in which the customer can choose their favorite type of food from their different kitchens. But, their Facebook Page didn’t reflected what the business was about. This was their situation.

  • They didn’t have a Facebook strategy, they rarely updated their Fan Page which meant that they lost likes, engagement and potential customers.
  • When they did post a picture it didn’t contain any distinctive characteristics of the brand. (Colors and logo).
  • Sometimes they would just post a picture of a dish they’ve found on the internet.
  • They didn’t respond to comments and private messages.

What we did?
We focused our attention to branding the content and to effectively showcase what was the business about. The Social Network team worked hand by hand with the Graphic Design department and Web Develepment to create attractive and interesting content and create a landing page in which you could make and online reservation in the restaurant.

The results

  • Their Fan Page grew in likes. Before our digital marketing strategies they had 9,500 likes, now they currently have 13.786 people following them on Facebook.
  • More customers are interested in eating at Estación 22. The number of people that shared, commented and reached through private message grew.
  • People started to book their tables online.
  • We were able to create loyal customers that made Estación 22 their favorite place to go and watch sports matches whilst enjoying a glass of cold brew.

See it for yourself, here it is the link to their Facebook Page: Estación 22
We want you to become our next success story. With our different Digital Marketing Strategies we can help your brand gain new customers and keep the ones it already has. Don’t miss out on all the fun! Let’s get started with a free diagnostic.

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