The required knowledge to determine the right moment to post is purely empirical. All of us, who have dedicated ourselves to the management of Social Networks had to mix up statistics with experimentation to be sure our content is viewed by the most amount of people.

Discovering the best time to post in Social Networks depends in lots of other factors, such as: your target’s socio-demographics.

Visit our entry: “What should you consider to create an effective market segmentation?” to discover how to determine your target.

Do you want to know your ideal time to post?
Take a look to the following tips.

Analyze your competitors.
An easy way to estimate the attention your posts may have is to study your direct competitors. It may be that businesses similar to yours have an ongoing Social Networks Plan. In these cases, we recommend you analyze their strategy and the interaction level your competitors have with their audience.

If your competitors have a good strategy, do not mimic it! Simply, take note of their posting schedule and calculate an average time. The resulting period is when your audience is connected and the most probable period for your audience to see and engage with your posts.

On the other hand, if your competitors don’t have a digital trail, do not worry! Skip to Step 2.

Analyze your audience.
A specific target may be as wide as you can imagine. However, not everyone behaves the same and they are not logged in their Social Profiles at the same time. It is useless to mention an offer in Social Networks if no one’s going to see it.

To avoid time, effort and money loss; you have to ask yourself the following about your audience:

  • Who buys what you sell?
  • What is your clients’ lifestyle?
  • And most importantly… What do they enjoy doing in their free time?

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Surfing in Social Networks is America’s second favorite hobby. However, not everyone is online at the same time. It is more probable that a family man logs into Facebook by night while his children do it during the afternoon.

As in our previous entry, Market Segmentation, our recommendation is that through common sense you imagine your target audience.

For example: You sell leather wallets to 40 years old men. Then, it is less probable that this market type logs in their Social Networks during office hours. Our recommendation would be for you to post between 20:00-22:00 hours; by this, you guarantee that your target is at home resting with a mobile device in their hand.

Numbers are your friends.
Following The Matrix’s premise, which establishes that our reality is a computer simulation run by mathematical operations; there are tools that graph and explain in plain numbers the behavior of your followers, the most successful publications, your target’s estimated geographic position and, the best of all, the time they logged in.

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The best approach to this is to start experimenting. Once you have imagined your ideal client and have a well-identified target audience, then you can begin posting your content on your Social Networks. You may get it the first time, but do not worry if you didn’t. Just keep on trying.

It does take time, but if you are constant and take note of people’s reactions, you can achieve great things. At first, it may be intimidating to face so many graphics and statistics by yourself. Do not worry, with time, you will acquire enough experience and knowledge to know how to manage your accounts.

General information that will help you boost your brand in Social Networks.
All around the world there are companies dedicated to market research. Their studies have determined the best time and the best day to post on social networks. But don’t forget that all these statistics can help you boost the positioning of your brand, but every case is different. Keep in mind that the results may vary.

The largest and most powerful social network in the world is made up of users who have incorporated into their daily activities reading news, contacting people and share content through Mark Zuckerberg’s platform.

If you want your brand to have a greater exposure on Facebook, several studies conclude that the best days to publish are weekends. Those days have an increase in user participation of a 32%. Also, you should avoid office hours (10 am - 4 pm) that’s the time with the least people online.

Although it is no longer considered a social network because most users are looking to stay informed rather than contacting other people, companies can still get some juice out of Twitter.

If you are looking for people to interact with your tweets, we recommend posting at 5:00 pm, according to the statistics that is the hour with the most retweets. On the other hand, weekends have greater participation among users.

On the official page Twitter is kind enough to provide us the following statistics about their mobile users:

  • 2x more likely to check Twitter to wake up.
  • 18.1% more likely to use the platform to be transported.
  • 119% more likely to navigate Twitter at school and at work.
  • 3x more likely to check tweets during shopping.
  • 2x more likely to check Twitter before bedtime.


Although the popularity of many of the photographs of Instagram are due to the implementation of hashtags, there is a time when there are more users browsing the app. If you want your picture to be seen by more people, we recommend to publish is at 5:00 pm.

The interesting thing is that no matter what day you post, the most popular time (on average) remains the 5:00 pm.

What is the most used Social Network in the US?

Facebook 65%



Snapchat 8%



Instagram 7%



Twitter 5%



LinkedIn 4%



Pinterest 4%



Others 5%



*Sources: Edison Research; Triton Digital.
Facebook is by far the most popular social network in the United States, followed by Snapchat and Instagram.

Number of Social Networks users by age (40 millions = 100%).

18 - 24 (70%)



25 - 34 (87%)



35 - 44 (73%)



45 - 54 (65%)



55 - 64 (47%)



65 + (35%)



*Sources: Emarketer / Adweek.
In today’s world, the group age with the most Social Network usageis the young adult.

Active Time in Social Networks in 2013 in billion monthly minutes (125 billions = 100%).

Facebook (91%)



Instagram (6.4%)



Twitter (4.2%)



Whatsapp (0.5%)



Snapchat (0.49%)



*Sources: comScore; JPMorgan Chase;
Facebook showing once again that they’re the kings of social networks. In 2013, users all around the United States clocked in 114 billion monthly minutes.

If you have any doubt about the management of Social Networks, follow our Official Fanpages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, where we share statistic content about today’s consumers, companies and tendencies. If you want results, we have the strategy!

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