Companies such as Apple, Lego and Coca-Cola have something in common that many don’t have. With the pass of time and thanks to their communicative efforts, they’ve obtained the people’s respect and love. The brands that successfully captivate and care for their clients are known as “Lovemarks”.

The road of becoming one, begins when you get know your consumers on an emotional level. You must ask yourself the following: What emotions does your product or service generate? One of the biggest misconceptions here is that brands think they need to be funny to be liked, this is not true. Be authentic and understand the why behind the buy and you’ll be one step closer into establishing an emotional connection with your customer.

What are the main differences between an average brand and a “Lovemark”?

Average Brand Lovemark
Generic The only one in the market
Narrative Love / Success Story
Defined Attributes Mysterious
Professional Creative
Follows the core values Follows the spirit
Unattractive Attractive
Defines Infuses


We are not telling you that being an average brand is bad thing. Today’s “Lovemarks” took years to become what they are.

This is a long process, but the results are unmatchable.

How to turn your brand into a “Lovemark”?
All of your communicative efforts between you and your customers must be precise. Remember that you must obtain the people’s respect and love, thus all of your messages must be aligned to the same style.

This is what you must do:

  • Be passionate: They say that for someone to fall in love with you, first you must love yourself. It is the same in the business world. Your brand is unique and unparalleled. Make sure your advertisements and any form of communication reflect the company’s passion.
  • Involve the customer: Customers love to make their voices heard, but they love it even more when the company actually listens to them and takes their opinions into consideration. This involves the customer in the company’s decisions. Social Media is a great opportunity to interact with your customers, learn more about how we do it here.
  • Commit to change: This point goes along the previous one. With your customer’s input you can be better. No one likes a smug company. Make sure you’re always looking on how to improve your products or services.
  • Reward Loyalty: Do you offer a frequent client reward card? How do you reward your regular customers? Make exclusive promotions and offer discounts to those that often buy from you. This will make them feel appreciated and taken care of.

    • Find, tell and re-tale great stories: Make that your customers fall in love with you through the art of storytelling. This is one of the strongest weapons in a marketer’s arsenal. Want to know how to apply it to your business? Check our blog entry here.
    • Generate emotions and connections: Love is the strongest emotion. It dictates what we feel towards a specific person, product, service and even company. Make sure you speak to the people’s emotions and not to the people.

Here are some examples of companies that have taken advantage of the magic of Christmas to win people's hearts and become a brand that cares about their customers.

WestJet Christmas Miracle:
American airline WestJet joined forces with Santa Claus to bring presents to all travelers returning home for Christmas. Through an interactive platform in which each passenger told Santa their wish, WestJet staff took note and decided to go to the mall to spread the love, affection and magic of the holidays.
Check out the video:

H&M: Come Together:
The clothing brand H&M decided to show its winter models in a very special way. With the help of famed director Wes Anderson, they produced a short film about the importance of keeping alive the magic of Christmas even when you’re far from home.

Microsoft Christmas Carol:
The rivalry between Microsoft & Apple has divided the technological world. These two great companies recognized by the attributes of their products and the philosophy of the brand are amongst the companies with greater amount of loyal followers. However, in this age where peace must reign, Microsoft decided to leave the differences aside and spread the love of Christmas to the door of the Apple Store.

I repeat, it is not necessary to have a lot of money to make a commercial of these magnitudes. The best marketing is done based on the creativity and knowing your target.

From everyone at the Orangegoal team,
we wish you Happy Holidays.

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