During February, we all can feel the love in the air. Many consumers are looking for the perfect gift for those special people in their life and rely on marketing to find it. It is our job to help companies to sell during this romantic time.

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Numbers don’t lie…

54.8% of the United States’ population celebrated Valentine’s Day last year.

This means that more than half of the people across the country were looking for promotions and discounts to buy gifts.

This left an economic spill of 19.7 billion dollars distributed in different categories:

  • Jewelry
  • Romantic Dinners
  • Flowers
  • Clothes
  • Candies / Chocolates
  • Gift Cards

With an average ticket of $147.00 per person, Valentine’s is without a doubt, a date you, as a business owner, should not overlook. People want to buy and you have to sell them.

What should you do?

As we have said before, a good marketing strategy does not depend on the budget; The effectiveness comes from the creativity and by establishing the correct communication with the target. But what can you do to invite consumers to your business?

  • Make a good deal: Consumers are not fools, if they feel that a promotion or offer does not suit them from the beginning, they will not be attracted to your business. Remember, on this date many people are looking for a good deal; make yours and you will see that the customers will arrive on their own.
  • Advertise Correctly: Your business has to be where your customers are. Use the right tools to make sure your promotion spreads correctly. For example: Millenials are more likely to check their social networks more than once a day; While the older generations still do not lose the habit of checking their email.
  • Seize the Ocassion: Like Christmas, February 14 is a date full of emotions. Couples seek to express their feelings through details; help them choose! In Valentine's Day, you are the expert, the one who knows exactly what their better half wants.
  • Be unique and different: We’ve spoken about this already, why should we buy from you? What makes your product or service different from your competition? Be sure to communicate the benefits you offer throughout your advertising efforts.

Maybe Valentine’s is just another date on the calendar. However, year after year people seek to express their love through tangible products and cram the stores looking for the perfect gift. It's not mandatory to buy something on Valentine's but many people still do. If you are looking to boost your business, February 14 is an excellent date to start.

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