The number of social media users from all around the globe has been increasing at a dramatic rate since the beginning of the decade. Last year, more than 2 billion people became active social media users and by 2020 it is estimated that the amount of online social platform users will be close to the 3 billion.


This has given brands and marketing firms the opportunity to reach new audiences more effectively.

It is important for any given brand or business to interact with their customers more intimately. Most people that engage with a company on social media are looking to learn about their promotions/coupons or have already made up their mind and want to become a customer.


But, to build a loyal audience a company must follow Content Marketing’s Golden Rules.


Rule 1: Content is king.

To engage with your audience you must first have content for them to interact with. Call it Social media, Blog or Mailings; communication is key. In a 2016 case study, 51% of female social media users preferred to interact with brands through their website. Today’s consumers like to be informed about a company, product or service through blog articles instead of ads.

Pesky pop-ups blocking the whole screen are things of the past. Interact with your audience through meaningful content. Whether it’s a tweet or a blog entry such as this one make sure it speaks to them in a more personal level.

Rule 2: Use attractive visuals.


Images and videos obtain more engagement than plain text. Just Youtube alone has 800 million active users spending an average of 15 minutes a day watching videos.

Unfortunately, customers attention span lasts for no more than 7 seconds. Use the help of striking and creative visuals to lure with quick and clear messages.

Rule 3: Don’t neglect current customers.

Even though social media has given businesses the power to reach new audiences and obtain new customers, a common mistake many brands make is focusing all of the advertising efforts in gaining a much bigger audience rather than building a much more personal relationship with their “regulars”.

#FACT: The cost of attracting a new customer is five times greater than to keep an existing one.

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