Nowadays the customer is the KING (who calls the tune); thanks to the oversupply and information the client can do this and enjoy it. In this way Javier Rovira raises a new concept called “CONSUMERING”.

The new King has arrived!
And he came to conquest the new marketing world!

We are living a change of age where the greatest technologic revolution is facing us. We live in a world where we witness changes every year, every month or every day… news caeses to be news after 24 hours.

How can we imagine that no longer than 10 years ago we used to buy educational sheets to do the homework or that great encyclopedias were our mainly source of information?

At present we have at hand the power of search, share and comment about whatever topic or information we want. “Smartphones” and social networks technology let us be connected to the virtual world at anytime and anyplace. The new technologies have changed consumer’s behavior; from how we do learn up to how we do live.

All these changes have favored a transformation in marketing, changing the way of doing business, sales and being on the market. Traditional marketing was focused on designing strategies and tell the consumer what was good, what convenient and what a product or service had to have or to do.

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