Whether is for expressing an opinion, recommend or ask for information with a purchase intent, social networks are the fastest way to interact on real time.

Orangegoal Social Media
Orangegoal Social Media Networks
Orangegoal Social Media Networks
Orangegoal Social Media Networks

We communicate, prospect and gain loyalty for your brand in Social Networks

As of today, social networks are a must in any type of company

Our Social Media services:Services Landing

  • Social Network Strategies Development.
  • Social Media Content Development.
  • Advertising Campaigns in Social Networks.
  • Crisis Management in Social Networks.
  • Lead Capture.
  • 24/7 Service.

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Why should you apply SOCIAL NETWORKS for your Enterprise?

Social networks have become the number one means of communication in Internet with an
88% of all daily web surfers.

of adults in the USA consider using social networks as their favorite activity.

of the daily time online
will be dedicated to social networks (1.7 hours per day).

of Facebook and Instagram users
check their account at least once a day.

of all Internet surfers, make use of their smartphone at least one hour per day on average in social networks.

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