Imagine this scenario:
A young group of friends are planning to eat out on a Saturday evening to celebrate a birthday. In their online search for local restaurants a couple of them stumble upon your Facebook Fan Page and others with your website.

How will they decide if they’re going to eat at your place? They start to check your pages out, but immediately discard your brand because the pictures on your Facebook are from 5 years ago and just 15 people liked your page. And to make it all worse, your website is not mobile friendly.

Does this sound familiar?
If it does, here are 4 mistakes you can avoid to improve the effectivity of your business’ website and social network presence.

01. Outdated Website
A whopping 80% of customers recommend a business just by their website. Like in the introductory scenario, people are going to research your brand first. What are the people saying about it, and what are you saying back. But not only that, in today’s smartphone oriented world your website should be easy to navigate, read and compatible with any mobile device that can access the internet.

02. No social interaction
The internet is a two way street, it’s useful to showcase your brand, what are you about and what you do. But it also serves as a direct way for customers and newcomers to contact you. Believe us, they can and they will. They can merely ask your business hours or give a full-on 400 words on why they liked or disliked you. If you don’t answer them, your business reputation will decrease. It doesn’t matter if the best cook in America works for you, if you don’t establish a social interaction with your customers they will feel unattended and neglected.

03. Little to no content on Social Networks
More than a warning sign, this is a real issue with restaurants as of now. The lack of interesting pictures, or funny GIFs are drawing the sales to the business that have them. Make your customers fall in love with you at first sight. How? By uploading quality content; make them laugh, make them feel the need to eat at your restaurant.
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04. Inaccurate Online Details
How often do you hear: “I’m going to look for it in the Yellow Pages” compared to “I’m going to “google” it” People are going to search for your restaurant online, that’s why it is a must to update the contact info, address, business hours and menu. The more recent and specific the details the better.

Still not convinced? 89% percent of consumers have said to they have searched for a restaurant online before deciding to dine there

Business such as restaurants open the door to many interesting, creative and fun ways to engage with customers. Try to avoid those 4 mistakes and we’ll guarantee that people will fall in love with your brand!

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