As they say one image is worth a thousand words. But what happens when we want to express speed and vividness in a picture? Mobile advertising campaigns have faced that question; however there’s a solution fairly basic: long exposure photographs.

How do we achieve this photographic effect?

First of all we have to know how a camera does function. At the “shooting” time a hole set behind the lens opens, it’s called the shutter. What this groove makes when opened, it allows light to enter inside the camera and the photograph may be captured.

Professional cameras have the feature to allow entry of light during a time range, this can be thousandths of a second to a minute (depending on the model).

Its use in Advertising.

Within the sectors that form part of the market, the automotive is one of the most competitive. Although having a car is a necessity, car manufacturing companies are disputing its positioning among consumers.

Long exposure photographs help to demonstrate a very important quality in a vehicle. These advertising images send on a pretty clear message: “the car goes fast”, whether you can see it in close-up or just the path of light that it left behind.

Steps to take a long exposure picture.

Adjust the camera doings:
In order to get a good long exposure photo, the light should be taken into account and the seconds the shutter remains open. Remember it should never be less than a second.

Stabilize the camera:
Before taking the photo it is required to place the camera on a tripod or in a surface that eventually will avoid the camera to shake. It is very important to immobilize, otherwise the picture won’t work well.

Shoot stealthily:
When pressing the shutter button the camera may vibrate a little remaining out of position. It is recommended to use a remote shutter or use the timer on camera function.

No one was born knowing, so do not expect to get the photo right at the first exposure. This technique requires patience and constancy. Do not get discouraged and keep trying.

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